20 Men You Won’t Believe Actually Exist! Part I

20 men you won’t believe actually exists, all will blow your minds

Part I

number 20

the nickname Halfy isn’t hard to understand once you get a look at Carlos Halfy Rodriguez, the man is essentially missing the top half of his head, Carlos was not born this way instead the injury was sustained during a car accident, the young man hit a pole and was thrown through the front windshield and landed on his head at only 14 years of age he attributes the accident to his use of drugs at the time, and now he uses his obvious deformity as a means to try to help others avoid drugs in their own lives at least while driving, seriously next time you think about drinking and driving just remember this juicehead

number 19

to be the shortest man is quite an accomplishment and Junrey Balawing has recently taken that title after the death of Chandra Bahadur Dangi who until his passing held the title, living in the Philippines, Junrey is 23.6 inches (59.9cm) and weighs only eleven pounds (5Kg) this means that he is seven centimeters shorter than the next living short man fascinatingly, Junrey grew until the age of 1 at which point he essentially stopped all growth born in 1993, he is now 22 years old all in all Junrey lives quite a normal life he had a beard on his 18th birthday before the Guinness World Records ceremony announcing him as the shortest man, and of course, he can’t wait to fall in love and get married

number 18

at 24 years old Nick Stoeberl holds the Guinness record for the longest tongue in the world, from the edge of his mouth the tongue measures 3.97 inches to the tip Adrianne Lewis reportedly has a longer tongue at 4 inches but she has not been officially judged, Nick Stoeberl  is the right guy for a long tongue showing it off almost as much as Miley Cyrus shows offers

number 17

Mehran Karimi Nasseri he is famous for reasons other than physical attributes, in fact the reason he’s so unbelievable is actually quite sad, Nasseri who hails from Iran, lived for almost 18 years in France’s Charles de Gaulle Airport , in fact the only reason he left the terminal after this time that he required hospitalization, this strange existence stems from a long story,  Nasseri was a refugee who had lost his papers with no documentation there was no chance of him entering France but also no chance of him returning to Iran from where he had been exiled, his life even inspired the Tom Hanks movie: the terminal

number 16

according to the Guinness World Records, Gary Turner has the stretchy skin in the world, of his stretchy skin it is a stomach which can be stretched the farthest to a total of 6.25 inches from his body, Gary’s elastic skin is caused by a medical condition called ehlers-danlos syndrome which also affects his internal organs and ligaments, he shares that the stretchy skin is a no way painful but the condition does hurt his joints, however, the chances of ending up with such skin is rare as Gary’s condition only affects one in a hundred thousand people and even then it rarely leads to such a distension of the skin

number 15

Tran Van Hay has been known as the man with the longest hair in the world, according to his wife he had not cut his hair for over 50 years before he died, at the time of Trans and his death his hair was over 22 feet and 4 inches long and weighed over 23 pounds part of that weight may have come from dirt since his hair was reportedly washed very infrequently, for example, it had been 11 years since he’d washed his hair when he passed away at the age of 79, the man used to pile all the hair in his head when traveling or working and I can only imagine that it must have given him a bit of a headache, as with a reason for trans long hair his wife credits his fear of becoming sick after getting a haircut which had happened several times previously

number 14

while his stomach might not be as stretchy as Garry Turner’s is Francisco Domingo Joaquim has still got a pretty stretchy part of his body, his mouth, at 20 years old Francisco is proud to be called the man with the widest mouth in the world, he used to show off his mouth width with tricks on the streets of Luanda the capital of his home Angola, and later became world famous through videos posted on YouTube, his mouth measures 6,7” inches wide (17cm), and he has even fit in an entire can of soda sideways into his mouth

number 13

there are a few lights that men care about on their bodies, but Ram Singh Chauhan takes a cake for the longest mustache in the world, in fact, he is himself described the growth of his mustache as a Man Thing, his Moustache measures 14’ feet and the black facial hair has not been cut in over 30 years. Ram Singh shares that growing long mustache is a custom in his family and clan with both his son and father also growing long mustaches, however, they don’t all take it to the same extreme he has, and ladies you know what they say about a man with a long mustache…

number 12

Bryan Shaw is often cited as the strongest man in the world, it doesn’t seem overly surprising that he has come in the top five in strongman competitions every year since 2011, not only that, he’s also come in first place in 2011, 2013 and 2015, born in Colorado USA, Bryan now stands at 6’8” (2.03m)  and weighs 425 pounds (193Kg) as big as he is he talks about the challenges of flying, including a 12 hour plane ride to Japan, he has grown to a point where he can squat 800 pounds (360KG) Bench press 525 pounds (238Kg) and Deadlift 880 pounds (400Kg) without the aid of straps

number 11

the story of Sanju Bhagat is not for the fan of heart as the young man it was discovered that Sanju actually had a twin inside him, Sanju recalls that he was always self-conscious of his larger than normal belly but it was not until it became a medical issue that it was discovered that he had his own twin living inside him, when he was already 36 years old, of course, surgery was performed in the twin removed, the incredibly rare condition is called Fetus in fetu and occurs when one fetus actually grows inside another in the 90 known cases the situation is usually that both twins will die from the strain of the experience but in this case Sanju live

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