20 Men You Won’t Believe Actually Exist! Part II

20 men you won’t believe actually exists, all will blow your minds

Part II

number 10

Turkish man Mehmet Ozyurek has one that seems to be bigger than any other living persons his nose “that is” in 2010 the Guinness World Records measured his nose and it came in at a whopping 3.46 inches(8.8cm) long when measured from the tip to the bridge

number 9

he’s been dubbed the tree man and the nickname isn’t far from the truth since Dede Koswara condition is caused by a fungus, Dede has a rare disorder that makes him very susceptible to the human papillomaviruses HPVs that can be found on the skin, imagine a cold sore but all over your body because that’s essentially what Dede is living with while Dede has had surgery for his tree light condition, warts and horns return meaning that surgery would be necessary more than once per year in order to actually keep them at bay



number 8

hailing from Zagreb in Croatia Goran Colak holds somewhat literally the record on holding his breath for the longest time, a free diver by trade, Colak has held his breath for 23 minutes and one second, his breathe pure oxygen before breaking the record, therefore, holds the technical title of static apnea on pure oxygen world record



number 7

Larry and Danny Gomez are well recognized by their faces that’s because they have incredibly hairy faces so hairy that the Guinness World Records have declared them along with the rest of their 19 person family to be the hairiest family in the world, the Gomez’s have been studied for the condition which has affected all five generations of the family called congenital generalized hypertrichosis, it is the men who are hit the hardest with ninety-eight percent of their bodies covered in thick usually black hair

 number 6

the tallest man on our planet Sultan Kosen is 8 feet 3 inches tall (2.51m)  a 32 years old Turkish national Sultan has lived a relatively normal life recently marrying and even stopping his growth as a normal person does only in the case of Sultan his growth was stopped with the support of doctors still his extreme height has led him to a life of celebrity including appearances on many shows and his own Guinness world record



number 5

Master Nau is short 16 inches (40cm) short not only that the elderly gentleman is also unable to move without the aid of his wheelchair, he holds the record therefore for the shortest man in the immovable category, living in his home country of Nepal, Master Nau says he enjoys food and going out but that the latter can be difficult since crowds of people often formed to meet him take pictures and ask questions about his short statut

 number 4

Hu Qiong has got a pretty unique hobby, he pushes a running drill against his body a biochemical engineer who measured the pressure of Hu Qiong’s hands against the drill as he did his thing, has asserted that real force is being exerted against this guy’s skull and stomach and arm and wherever else he feels like putting the drill numerous theories have emerged as to why he’s able to do this without well seriously hurting or even killing himself, a theory given a lot of credit in China is the idea that he’s using Chi energy, it might not be too far from the truth given that Hu Qiong is a monk and they are known for their devotion to and skill with meditation

number 3

a man born in 1971 in Sweden and coming in at 6 feet tall (1,83m) 264 pounds (120KG) of almost pure muscle, Martin Kjellstroim has a history of impressive top 5 in top 10 finishes regrettably Kjellstroim reportedly spent some time in jail after who is convicted in a huge doping scandal, and then he ran from the country before his sentencing he’s now back in the gym building up to his former size

number 2

Wim Hof’s ice bucket challenge was a little more intense than everyone else, in 2011 he sat in a container of ice up to his neck for one hour 52 minutes and 42 seconds which is a world record, this and other unbelievable feats earned him the nickname the Ice Man in addition to sitting in a tub of ice he’s run a half marathon 13 miles above the Arctic Circle in Finland the temperature was about negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit -20°C, and he did this barefoot in the snow wearing only shorts and a half if that wasn’t crazy enough he climbed to 21, 982 feet (6,7Km) on Mount Everest wearing only shorts and shoes the way he achieves these feats is by controlling his breath and his mind, he feels most people can learn to do what he does and he even has an academy where you can learn, he says cold exposure is like lifting weights in that you get stronger and stronger each time you do it.

number 1

Nick Vujicic is a man with no arms and no legs, a married man Nick thinks disability is largely an attitude and works to confront stereotypes through his TLC show life without limbs a play on the phrase life without limits, born and raised in Australia, Nick shares that no medical reason has ever been given for his being born limbless, he does have a small foot which uses to write, type, paint, and play a drum machine. Nick now dedicates much of his time to inspiring others, and giving a sense of hope when there may seem like little can be found

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