Top 5 Amazing Upcoming Smartphone Features 2019

if you think your current smartphone is cool, wait you get a load of what’s coming next, from foldable screens and integrated projectors to a phone that will tell you the chemical composition of whatever you point at it, smartphones are poised to get a whole lot smarter.

In this video we look at five amazing smartphone features coming soon we’re not talking about future tech like 5g, wireless connectivity, truly wireless charging in Holograms, but tech we should expect later in 2018 and early 2019 or so we hope.

number 1

No more bezels if leaked photos of upcoming phones are any indication including the galaxy s10 or whatever Samsung decides to call it, say goodbye to bezels once and for all you’ll be looking at an all glass screen with very little or no gap between the display and the edges of the device sure it’s been happening for a couple of years with infinity screens and apple’s notorious iphone 10 knotch but we’re talking all display sooner than later with no borders on the top bottom or sides not sure yet where smartphone makers will put the selfie camera maybe it’ll be a pop-up one but expect no bezels in your smartphones beginning in 2019

number 2

A built-in projector some Asian phones have had a pico projector before and a Lenovo tablet but poor brightness and battery issues have limited its success especially on a global scale but expect us to change as the technology is getting better and better just look at what movi has done with its Android smartphone with an integrated pico projector it can splash an image in 720p HD up to 200 inches in size and is now available for 599 dollars unlocked why would you want a projector in a smart phone well why stare at a 6-inch screen to watch Netflix when you can project a 200 inch image onto your wall or ceiling or  can be use in boardrooms as well

number 3

A foldable screen what’s better than one screen – 2 of course, and this is something a couple of smartphone makers are cooking up, it’s not entirely a new concept mind you but rumor has it Samsung is gonna launch one in early 2019 making it a very big deal, currently referred to as the Samsung Galaxy X by the tech media this near $2,000 smartphone is reported to be seven years in the making, yes it was 2011 when the South Korean tech giant first showed off a prototype, personally I love the idea of a flexible foldable phone but we’ll need to see some concrete applications for the technology to make it more than just a gimmick, time will tell

number 4

Under glass biometrics a retina or iris scan may be more accurate than a fingerprint if you believe the smartphone companies, but not everyone likes holding up their phone to their face to authenticate you in fact when it comes to mobile payments at retail this is more work than it used to b,e as you now have to tap your phone on that contactless terminal then lift up your device to your face rather than just keeping your thumb on the fingerprint sensor such as Apple’s touch ID which was replaced by face ID with the iPhone 10 and so a few companies are starting to add a fingerprint scanner under the glass of a smart phone so no matter where you place your thumb or finger it logs you onto your device it lets you into an app or let you buy something, in the fall of 2018 Asian smartphone buyers can pick up a six inch Android phone from a company called vivo which has a synaptics clear ID in display optical fingerprint sensor position between the display glass and an OLED panel

number 5

the coolest technology coming soon to a smartphone near you a built-in spectrometer, to create the very first smartphone that can analyze molecules Israeli startup consumer physics has partnered with china’s Chang-hong and the result is the H2 it’s a smartphone that’s now out in asia but will likely be the first of many to come, with its built-in infrared spectrometer this slender 6 inch Android device lets you scan an object and immediately receive feedback on its chemical composition whether it’s food items, like fruits and vegetables dairy products or meat, medications, or even body parts, for example scan a strawberry at the supermarket to see how sweet it is , or find out your body fat percentage by placing the phone on your bicep, find a pill that’s not in its original bottle, it can tell you the name of the meds it may sound like science fiction but it could be coming to the West sooner than later

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