Samsung Galaxy S10 renderers have a big hole with two camera in front

Samsung Galaxy S phones are always announced in the first quarter of the year, we are still a few months away from the announcement. However, we already have some leaked specifications of what the device will look like, so a big thanks to OnLeaks renders on 91 mobile devices.

  • The Galaxy S10 Plus, according to OnLeaks
  • Four camera’s on the back, plus a heart rate sensor and two cameras on the front.
  • One of those side buttons is a Bixby button.
  • The bottom still has a headphone jack.

91mobiles identify this device as the “Galaxy S10 Plus” and it matches well with all previous rumors about the galaxy S10. There are four cameras on the back (according to the rumors a wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, Main camera and a depth camera for bokeh effects) and two others cameras on the front. The design on the front gets dramatically slimmer edges in comparison with Galaxy S9, and for the front camera Samsung goes with a new design with “Perforator”. A camera vessel should not have much functional difference compared to a camera notch. It will be a dead area of the screen, and while you might just have the area above the camera dead space, Samsung bends its display technology and surrounds the camera with pixels. Again, there is a lot of confirmation: Samsung has previously announced this “Infinity-O” display technology.

no more (bad notch) Having a hole in the screen is something new for an Android device, but in the software, it will certainly work the same as the principle of a camera notch. Android extends the status bar around the hole in the display, giving apps a normal, uninterrupted rectangular area to play, while only the system displays the clumsy screen shape at the top. In the case of these Galaxy S10 renderers, it looks like the status bar should be twice as high as normal to surround the hole in the screen.

It also looks like there is still a heart rate sensor at the end of the rear camera bar, but you will not see the hardware of the fingerprint reader anywhere. It is still expected that the S10 has a fingerprint reader on the Front screen: an invisible sensor on the Qualcomm screen. Certainly, this week Qualcomm has announced the “3D sonic sensor”, the ultrasonic fingerprint component. We have already seen the OnePlus 6T with an optical fingerprint reader on the screen, but that only made a 2D photo of your fingerprint. The ultrasonic sensor from Qualcomm will be able to map the ridges and valleys of your finger in 3D, so it has to be safer. With the switch to an in-screen reader, Samsung dumps the iris scanning technology that the company debuted in 2016 in the Galaxy Note 7.

the good news for headphone jack lovers, Another thing that was mentioned in these renderings: Samsung will retain the headphone jack! The universally compatible 3.5 mm jack is still at the bottom of the phone, along with a USB-C port and speaker. This makes it one of the only flagships (along with LG, possible) to keep the headphone connection around. also It looks like there is still a Bixby button.

so having a rumor in three different S10 sizes, plus a 5G version, plus a switch to foldable devices, according to Samsung it is expected five flagship smartphone models for early 2019 to be released.

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