Samsung Galaxy S10 – EVOLUTION IS HERE!!!

what’s up guys, it’s time to take a look at Samsung’s next big evolution, we now know exactly what’s beyond infinity there’s been so much news to talk about 5g madness is upon us galaxy F news and more so before we get into the evolution, the future, let’s take an exclusive look at the 5g Galaxy S10 pro  demo that Samsung showed off recently to demonstrate its 5v power



we have some high-quality pictures and this prototype of the s10 actually confirms a lot of things for us such as having the hole on the top right corner the horizontal dual cameras on the back which we’re going to see on the s10 light/galaxy s10 model

a new earpiece design which is right at the top now it is a prototype which is why it has this weird notch cut out at the right but you’re not going to see on the final version also there’s been some faked leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S 10 plus showing the triple cameras on the back if any lively happened you’ll be first to see it here so moving on only exposed to the first galaxy s10 Plus renders that were based on the factory CAD and later he posted the correct Galaxy S10 plus renders with four cameras on the back and also less bezels but one thing that remained was the pill-shaped camera sensors on the front this is definitely a hard pill to swallow for some people cuz this is indeed happening on the galaxy s10 plus it’s been confirmed by multiple screen protector leaks showing off the pill Infinity O  cutout

I strongly believe that galaxy S10 plus in real life will look much better than the rendered and I’m more interested to see what those front cameras will bring to the table how good the selfies will be and everything the wide-angle lens will be there on the front for those wide-angle selfies which is something that we have never seen on a Samsung flagship phone before so that’s something exciting also for those of you who are thinking about that chain it’s actually on par with the iPhone DNS chain don’t get into the illusion it is actually on par with the iPhone

now Samsung Galaxy S10 the smaller model will be having just one in display camera hold since dual cameras are exclusive to the bigger model it definitely looks better than the s10 and as for the back we have another Leak render based on the factory CAD which shows dual cameras in horizontal orientation which is probably for the Galaxy S10 light or the s10 we have the normal lens along with the ultra-wide angle lens also a huge news that happened this week is the snapper again 855 which is now official it is the chip built on seven nanometer process it has a lot of improvements and it’s the go-to chip for manufacturers to have 5G there will be two types of snapper again 855 chips one with X24 modem that’s going to be inside of all the 4G Galaxy S10 and S10 plus variance and then they’re going to be a 5G sm+ which will exclusively have snapper again 855 with X50 modem to enable 5G and that’s going to be the same case with other 5G phones as well from Xiaomi OnePlus and LG

now, so far AT&T; Verizon and Sprint have announced that they are working with Samsung on a 5v power smartphone aka the Galaxy S10 plus 5G so it’s pretty clear that 5G S10 plus Western African 855 is coming to United States now which is the superior Galaxy S10 is it the Qualcomm or Exodus? right now based on the Antutu benchmark the Qualcomm Galaxy S10 is powerful then at the Exynos 9 8 to 0 it even beats out the Huawei 7 Nanometre carry 980 now I do believe that Exynos models are better in scores they have been better in the past so maybe with the final version we might see the Exynos model catching up or it could be that this year Qualcomm is really better according to Samsung Exynos model is capable of doing 8k video recording at 30fps the scenario and chip is not capable of doing that it can only do 4k at 60 frames per second so we’re not going to see 8k video recording on the Samsung flagship phone not as of now maybe in the future but you can see the Exynos has a lot of video power there which we don’t have any Snapdragon chip a lot of other things are common like the dedicated nbu for AI support for you UFS 3.0 storage lpddr4 X Ram and superfast download and upload speeds still the Apple 812 a metered shape is slightly ahead of the benchmark game but I’ll be doing my comparison when I get these hands on the Samsung Galaxy S10

now Qualcomm has also developed the new 3d Sonic in display finger scanner especially when you see on the Samsung galaxy s10 family and bunch of other flashy phones later on this as the name suggests will use sonic waves to make an ultrasonic scan of your fingers in three dimension and you’ll be able to see through contaminants such as water oil or dust to provide an accurate scan this will be one of the top features of the Galaxy S 10 that we wanted for so long it’s finally happening now

another galaxy phone that is coming before the Samsung galaxy s10 is the galaxy A8s this is the first phone to have an infinity O design with a hole on the left is having an LCD display instead of OLED which is reserved for the galaxy s10 we finally got its first press looking images showing a finger scanner on the back with three cameras and also a hole on the front left the earpiece has been moved at the top edge which is what Samsung will do for the Galaxy S10 family as well

now about the foldable galaxy F phone is going to be a very exclusive kind of device it’s going to be expensive we’ve heard that galaxy F won’t get Gorilla Glass protection but now Corning is actually developing an ultra-thin Gorilla Glass for foldable phones which is pretty awesome cuz most of smartphones use Gorilla Glass for protection and now it’s implemented on foldable phones as well there’s a huge chance that this might end up on the Samsung galaxy f

Samsung is most likely to properly show off their foldable phone at CES 2019 so that’s all we have on the Samsung Galaxy S and the evolution from infinity is here a pill for Galaxy S10 plus and a mold for the Galaxy S then obviously the S10 looks more futuristic and better looking but I am interested in what those build dual cameras can do and most likely I will be using the plus model like every year I will be using the plus model as my main Android phone so galaxy s10 plus in green color is the one in which I am interested in

Anyways let me know your thoughts in the comment section  for daily tech coverage and I will see you guys in the next one

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