the 10 most hated celebrities of 2018 (not all celebrities are adored)


the ten most hated celebrities of 2018

2018 has been an absolute rollercoaster of the year, for this list we’re looking at controversial celebrities who’ve generated a lot of ire and hatred throughout 2018 we’ll be defining celebrity as anyone who reached a wide audience in 2018 including through politics and broadcasting as well as the typical avenues of Fame such as music movies and TV

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10.Johnny Depp

 the hatred towards Johnny Depp shows just how fast one’s Fame can flip, Depp was once the biggest movie star on the planet but now people are publicly calling for his exclusion from the industry, most of the hatred stems from Depp’s casting as Grindelwald in the fantastic beasts franchise in light of his alleged abuse of ex-wife Amber Heard nonetheless JK Rowling has publicly endorsed Depp and expressed happiness over his casting this only added fuel to the fire and the hate continued throughout 2018, Depp finally addressed the controversy in October stating that he’d been falsely accused and that he was appreciative of Rowling standing by him

9.James Corden

it wasn’t long ago that James Corden was that adorable Brit, driving around celebrities and doing karaoke, however it seems as if people have had enough there now exists a number of outspoken critics who have labeled him insufferable and a Harvey Weinstein joked at a charity event back in 2017 didn’t exactly help turn the tide the backlash isn’t just on the internet either Anthony Bourdain has called him a pandering tool and his performances in recent movies have been up for criticism too with Mark Kermode describing him as appallingly irritating in Peter Rabbit, it reached the point that James’s dad decided to defend him on the radio we’re sure he meant well



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