Samsung Galaxy 10 And Galaxy 10+

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Samsung might just be about to completely change the game change the industry make some big changes so without further ado let’s get straight to it
Good news not only for Samsung fans but fans of smartphones in general because today I’m gonna be talking to brand new Samsung devices that are just on the horizon and they could be absolutely groundbreaking until now we have yet tosee a manufacturer create a fully bezelless display without a knotch or amotorized part and that might all just be about to change and we were led to believe the foldable flexible samsung galaxy phone was going to be made available from 2019 onwards and while that is probably still the case we maybe about to see first hand a glimpse at what that is gonna look like officially

I have been getting so many requests to cover this bit of news I think it’s time so something recently did a presentation and as part of that they talked about ups I mean under panel sensor and in layman’s terms what this means is that if this comes off they will be able to produce a smartphone where all of the sensors which you do usually see in a top bezel or a notch or a motorized part can be buried underneath the display so we have a completely clean top screen
with nothing there now what we’ve been craving now as part of this presentation they talked about in-display fingerprint sensors this isn’t necessarily new it has been number four but what the brand new Samsung s10 we’re led to believe is going to have is the ultrasonic technology which means it’s gonna be 3d far more secure than the optical sensor that’s currently on a lot of smartphones on the market the next bit is SOD or sound on displaywhich means they don’t have to have a cutout hole for the sound to comethrough now we’ve kind of seen this with the XIAOMI mix line certainly the first version of the XIAOMI mix line they were using a similar technology at the time so it is definitely doable there were some issues with that phone and sound and hopefully by now we’re sort of a couple of years down the line it’s probably been improved a chori haptic on display which is going to be absolutely great for gamers and UPS under panel sensor now some people are saying that this will include the ability to put a camera lens under the display as well we’re kind of waiting for clarification on this because if this weren’t able to b edone then Samsung would need to find another alternative to get that camera on the front and then we’re back into the real ms of the notch or the motorized pop-up camera but in therenders they showed at the presentation there was nothing on that top bezel sothere was no camera there was just screen also in terms of face adi this can be done through infrared sensor swhich again from the looks of things are going to be embedded in the display now the main reason why we think that this form of technology is going to be in the samsung galaxy s10 is because the Samsung mobile president DJ Co actually said there will be very significant design changes with the Galaxy S turn so from the looks of things we’re going to see all of this technology in the brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 due out probably February March time in 2019 so we’re only already four months away five months one more hugely exciting prospect about the Samsung Galaxy S 10 is the use of graphene batteries inside the device instead of the lithium ion that we see right now we know that something I’ve been heavily working on this for quite along time they’ve had patents filed et can d now we believe they might be ready to jump gun on the brand new technology into their next line of devices now the reason why you should be so excited about graphene batteries if you may dobut if you don’t know already they can provide up to 45% more charge they can charge quicker as it’s a better conductor of electricity and graphing this far more stable than lithium therefore it’s safer to go into tech such as smartphones another thing that’s coming is something that is even soone rand while groundbreaking potentially it is going to completely divide opinion dowe need that foldable flex we’ll display right so

number one I want you to go into the comment section belowand let me know do we need a foldable /flexible smartphone do you want a phone which you can fold in half so that it can be a well a tablet start to get let’s start again a tablet which we can fold in half into the shape of a phoneand then obviously when we then want touse it in a larger display we thenunfold it but we can still fit in our pocket when it’s folded do we need /want that let me know

number two if youdo you will know probably been doingyour research knowing you guys you definitely will be something were and maybe still are leaving the race for this technology there are the likes of huawei for example who are apparently also very close to producing a product using this flexible foldable display and it’s kind of now heatin

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