10 “Dead” Marvel Heroes Confirmed To Return In Avengers 4

At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos’ snap changed everything we thought we knew about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also realigned the playing field on which our favorite heroes could fight our most despised villain. In order to make Thanos as threatening as possible, they had to draw out the conflict across multiple movies and, wisely, the MCU creative team decided to deliver on Thanos’ promise to remake the universe. While many of our favorite newer characters were instantaneously wiped out of existence, the original Avengers team stayed intact. Likely, to bring the battle back to Thanos for the big finale in Avengers 4. Although many more characters will likely meet a permanent demise in the follow up to Infinity War, Fyotar has culled through the reports, checked up on the spoilers and listened to the quotes from the creative team themselves to confirm for you which 10 dead Marvel heroes will be resurrected for the next movie. Since we were all so shocked by the conclusion of the last film, can we trust everything we hear? Probably not. But while we wait for the debut of the fourth Avengers film let’s hope to see the returned faces of Loki, Spider-Man, Gamora, Falcon, Bucky, Nick Fury, Hope Van Dyne, Hank Pym, Vision and the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy. We didn’t think these characters could really fade away forever and, according to this news, they’ll likely make a big return.

here are 10 heroes that we here at Fyotar Countdowns expect to see in Avengers 4

Loki, when Thanos took Loki out at the beginning of infinity war it ended the roller-coaster ride of feelings that Tom Hiddleston’s performance brought to the MCU, whether you loved him, hated him or love to hate him, Loki was a master class and table-turning super-villainy and since he added so much to the adventure of The Avengers it was sad to see him go, but there are so many time bending ways the Avengers could use him in a rematch against Thanos and so we’ll likely see more of the god of  mischief  especially if we go back in time to the first Avengers battle in New York City also the news just broke that Tom Hiddleston will star in his own spin-off series all but confirming his return

spider-man we all got stung with shock as spiderman’s spider-sense his coming demise saying Mr. stark I don’t feel so good then he followed it up with the improvised delivery of I don’t want to go please I don’t want to go, look it was a palpable and heartbreaking death but the guy just joined the MCU to movies ago did you think he’d go away forever not only are there two sequels to spider-man homecoming in the works but Holland was also seen in Atlanta when the Marvel team  was  reshooting parts of Avengers 4 expects more great power and great responsibility from Tom Holland in the future

Gamora was given one of the most dramatic demises an MCU history when Thanos tossed her off a cliff the gut punch of her death hit extra hard since it wasn’t during the mass extinction event that occurred after Thanos has snapped isolated as one of fan OSes attempts to gain another infinity stone gamora’s essence is trapped inside the soul stone so it can be assumed  that if the soul stone breaks tomorrow we’ll be able to return to our universe however she comes back an Instagram  photo of Zoesaldana and Gamora makeup confirms that she’ll return for Avengers 4 and hopefully not just for some flashbacks

Falcon  there are many possibilities for the future of Captain America and Falcon is one of them although Sam Wilson met his end after Thanos his thumb met Thanos’s middle finger Falcon is expected to return in Avengers 4 he was there in Atlanta while the film was shooting and he’s one of the characters rumored to take on the Captain America mantle if Chris Evans does indeed leave the series since Evans contract is up it’s expected Avengers 4 will be Steve Rogers swan song without Rogers as Captain the MCU will need to revive Falcon as he’s one of our best hopes to pick up where Steve Rogers left off

Bucky Barnes Sebastian stan has confirmed he’ll return for Avengers four and perhaps Bucky Barnes could take Steve Rogers place, Bucky and Steve go way back and Bucky even ended up taking Steve Rogers place in some of the comics well it’s still up in the air as to who could take over the role of Captain America both Bucky and Falcon are viable options with that in mind the white wolf is still working through some of his own personal issues but that seems to mirror America’s own divided nature as of late and it would make a big contrast to Steve Rogers run as the hero

Nick Fury although we’re getting a decent dose of fury in Captain Marvel with both eyes it’s been far too long since he last appeared in the MCU before that minor appearance in the infinity war post-credits scene thankfully Jackson’s confirmed to be back for Avengers 4 it’s been theorized that dr. strange traveled backward in time to inform fury of the one successful way to beat Thanos since that moment Fury has been pulling the strings in each major MCU event since the start make sure that strange is one possible happy ending could happen we’ll see how it all falls out in Avengers 4

hope Van Dyne although we saw a seemingly definitive ending for the wasp and the ant-man and the wasp post-credit scene we haven’t seen the last of her especially since she only just now got her name into the title of a Marvel flick Evangeline Lilly’s confirmed she’ll return for Avengers 4 and although her appearance is likely brief she’ll probably share screen time with Captain Marvel she hinted as much when she said she got to know brie Larson pretty well or as much as you can on a film she also revealed Captain Marvel is the first in a line of female lead MCU films with Black Widow Scarlet Witch and much more expected

Hank Pym (and Janet Van Dyne) Sebastian Stan let’s slip that Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer were involved in a giant scene featuring many of Marvel’s past and present heroes so it’s pretty much confirmed that both Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne will make an appearance in Avengers 4 Hank Pym is a pioneer of the tak that allows users to enter and manipulate the quantum realm as this has been one of the methods theorized to bridge the gap between our reality and the reality of the soulstone it’s likely that Hank Pym will be essential to defeating Thanos he and Janet will probably be revived in a similar way to Thanos other victims

vision the future of AI seems so scary nowadays and only all artificial intelligence could seem as helpful as vision you know the less creepy and fully clothed version of the watchman’s dr. Manhattan well vision was destroyed by Thanos an infinity war and before he even managed to snap half the universe away if the Avengers are able to steal back the mind stone vision could somehow be brought back to the team plus Scarlet Witch is due to come back for a series on Disney streaming service and as Scarlet Witch returns she’ll likely stop at nothing to bring back her beloved vision come on we’ll be like the movie her but for the happier ending

the other guardians of the galaxy the Guardians function so well as a unit so we’re considering them as one big old character but the big question remains after they’re revived will they all survive the final battle with guardians of the galaxy vol 3 and the works it’s likely that most of the team will survive Avengers 4 but how bad will the wounds get in the coming battle we’ll have to wait and see just to know that Chris Pratt likely shot footage with Shuri pom Clemente F appeared in scenes with Scarlet Witch and Dave Bautista confirmed his involvement in the next Avengers film it’s looking like we might have a fully crewed spaceship in our future so if those are the 10 soon to be resurrected Marvel heroes on our list

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